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Heart Banner 

I LOVE felt……fitting for Valentine’s Day. For this banner I bought several different colors of felt.  I took a marker and drew hearts on the fabric of different sizes but similar.  I then doubled the fabric over (so I could cut two hearts out at once) and cut them out by hand.   After I had them all cut,  I took them to my sewing machine.  Placing one heart after another,  I sewed them together down the middle.   Creating a long line of hearts. 

Banner, Tutorials, Valentines

Be Mine, Valentine ! DIY Triangle Banner

Simple and easy and hardly any sewing. What you need:

1. Material:felt and flannel. You probably could use any material but I like the thickness of these two materials. I used scrap material. Pink for the triangles, purple for the circle and purple pattern for the letters.

2. Scissors, rotary cutter, ruler and mat

3. Tacky glue

4. Ribbon or bias tape (or make your own)

5. Sewing machine

I cut out the triangles using my green mat as a template (it had some triangle shapes on it). I used the bottom of a bottle lid for the circles.

I had a alphabet template to trace already (if you don’t you can always print them out on a computer, cut them out and then trace them).

I traced the letters on the back of the material so the pattern would show. I turned the alphabet template over to do this. I forgot on the “B” so there is an X over it. I also didn’t like the way the template was, it would have been to difficult to cut out so I adjusted the letters after I traced them.

Cut the letters out and assemble everything. Use your tacky glue to glue the letters on the circles and then glue the circles on to the triangles.

This picture didn’t turn out, and I had to change it to black and white to even look a bit decent. This is a picture with just gluing everything together. I have done it like this on other banners, but I decided to sew around the circles this time.

I used a zig zag stitch and sewed around each circle. I tried just a straight stitch and didn’t like it.

I arranged them on the floor with the bias tape and pinned the triangles to the bias tape. You could use ribbon, just use a ribbon that is 1/2 inch wide so you can fold over and sew.

Once you have everything pinned start sewing. I used a straight stitch and went slow to make sure that the triangles stayed in place.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Love Birds, DIY Valentine Decoration

I needed more Valentine decorations and decided on this project. The great thing about this, you can make it as big or small as you need. Choosing the paper was fun. I used 5 different pages that had pink, purple and red. I sketched two birds, one small and one large (When cutting the birds out make sure you have birds going both directions. I turned the bird stencil over on half of them). I cut out hearts from the left over paper. I even had a frame from storage that I used on this. I think I would like to try a white frame and see what it looks like, or paint this frame white.???



VALENTINES DAY. I have great memories of a kitchen table full of store bought valentines and bags of candy hearts. My brother, sisters and I would pick the card for our friend write on it and stuff it in the envelope with a handful of candy hearts. Ah, the memories. How things have changed.

I look on Pinterest and see all the fun and cute valentines for kids. How creative. Here is my go at a cute Valentines for my kids to hand out. I think they get enough candy these days, so I went for bubbles.

My picture taking needs some work but I bought a bunch of little tube bubbles and printed up sayings on address labels (Avery 8161)

Don’t BURST my bubble valentine, be mine!


You BLOW me away Valentine!