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Back To School Backpacks

Kids are already in school.  I remember as a child summers going so fast, it hasn’t changed as an adult.  I love that they are in school, but I miss them.
For Backpacks this year we went to DownEastHome
They have these great canvas backpacks and lunch boxes that are seconds only because a company has made a mistake on monogramming. 
I took some scrap fabric and used my silhouette machine to cut out my kids names and initials.  You have to buy the fabric blade for this, but I love to use fabric so it was a no brainer when I bought it.
  1. Iron on interfacing.
  2. Cut out pattern with machine.
  3. Iron on fabric
  4. I hand stitched it to give a little extra strength.
  5. You’re done!

Kids, sewing, Tutorials

Kids Hoodie Towel Tutioral

My Kids LOVE their Hoodie Towels!!
They got theirs as baby shower gifts and have used them for years. 
My niece is having a girl and I thought I would make her baby one.
What you need: 
1 regular towel
1 hand towel
Material for ruffle edge (My kids have ribbon sewn 1/4 of they way up on the hand towel) . I decided I wanted a ruffle edge. I bought my towels at Target and had the purple material on hand. 

I actually had it all sewn before I figured out that I needed to cut the hand towel down.  Oops.  I should have taken pictures, but I was a bit frustrated and the baby shower was in 1 hour.  To say the least I was in a bit of a hurry.

Cut the hand towel to equal 12 inches on one side and 8 on the other.  I then zig zaged the edge or you could serge it.  If you want to hem maybe leave a little more material. 
Sew the 12 in side together. 
Do you see the hoodie taking shape?
I took my purple material.  I made it about 1 1/2 inch wide .  It was about 16 inches long.  If you don’t want it very ruffly then shorten your length. 
I don’t have pictures of this but take 3 inch wide material. Fold it over to make 1 1/2 inch wide material and sew the open side shut.  Turn it inside out and iron.  I sewed each edge again to get a finished looking piece of material.  Turn both ends in and sew those closed.   Set your sewing machine to  lesson the tension.  On my machine it is 6+ my machine is old so I am not sure what other machines settings are.  Sew a straight stitch down the middle and your machine will automatically gather and ruffle the material.  
Attach ruffle to the front of your hand towel (hoodie) and sew the two pieces together.  I placed the ruffle at the edge of the towel and sewed along the middle of the purple ruffle.  I wanted to make it look like one sewing line.  
 Attach hoodie (hand towel) to towel.  I found the middle of the towel and the middle of the hand towel and pinned them together.  Then I continued pinning along the right and left until the hand towel ran out. 
Sew together. 

 Your hoodie towel is done.


I love encouraging my kids to be artistic. So far, I have one that LOVES to be creative and do anything crafty or artsy! My other one takes some encouraging. I like to help to encourage by framing some of their art around the house. The only thing with that, they may want to frame everything. (Instead I save it, scan or take a photo of it and then create a photo book for them).

The top piece is exactly how the art was done. The bottom piece I cut up and pasted to a card and then arranged on a page to fit the frame. You could do some very fun stuff with your kids art and it looks great in the house! Plus it is an inexpensive way to decorate!